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Arch & Curl

In this series of movements we will explore and observe the arch and curl in specific actions that relate to our everyday activities. We may use a stool, exercise ball, floor and roller.



This fast pace class challenges your strength, balance, and adaptability. There will be multiple exercises in 2 minute intervals using a mat, exercise ball, roller, light weights, or whatever you might have in your home.



Using a physio ball and/or a foam roller we will move in all different planes to get comfortable on a unstable surface. These novel movements will challenge both the body and the brain. The class builds strength, balance, and confidence. Students are encouraged to adapt any exercise to their own skill level.



We will move on a mat observing the body through multiple exercises in all different planes.

Step Movement to Music

You don’t have to be a dancer to take this class. Come move with me to fun music and release some adrenaline; no skill required. Have any equipment you have handy!


Parkour Skills

Parkour doesn't have to be backflips off buildings! Join us in practicing squats, roll, jumps, landings and vaults - learn practical ways to interact with everyday objects!



The roller is a great tool that provides information to the brain about your bones, muscles and fascia. Using the roller we will move in ways that will challenge our balance strength and endurance. You will need a extra firm, body length roller and mat.



Online or in studio classes - you do not need a reformer machine to participate! Grab your roller and if you have the following bring them too: 1lb weights, Gaiam straps & a physio ball. Please email to reserve a reformer in person.

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